Saturday, September 10, 2011

THE Trip, Moab Utah to Salina Utah, The Rest of the Photos

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This was such a remarkable day, the scenery changing, it seemed every single mile.   Let's continue the drive to Salina Utah.

Below, this obviously is a hillside that was cut away for the roadway, nothing special, except, look at the layers, the colors, and there is a bit of red, again - -

Just a few miles down the road, and again, that magnificent RED!

Really red!!

And, the color changes, once again, as do the textures, shapes, but, not our awe and ohhhs.

Before long we noted we were at the elevation of 7,866 feet, but, because the roads were not as steep we were still tooling along at 50 MPH.  Big Butt was not even straining, roll on.

It has been quite the day, scenery that really has left us both breathless and exhausted from delight.

We pulled into a modest campground in Salina, with a aviary.  Might be our first aviary in a campground.  Oh, and they had lots of bunnies too. You can see a few photos from the aviary over at Flora and Fauna.



shatteredhaven said...

As always, beautiful shots!

Janice said...

Carol, the photos are breathtaking! The mountains are the one thing I really miss since we moved to the midwest from Arizona. They always made me feel so grounded. Beautiful shots!

Really happy you liked the Halloween clips. I'm working on more to post soon. Know you will have fun with them.