Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rally Time! Winding Down

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Monday, I taught my second class and then took 2 other classes my self.  Whew, it was a B*U*S*Y day.  Seemed like the photo information that I added to the class was well received.  However, I took no photos, UNTIL pot luck supper time.

Empty plates, a bottle of wine, we are ready to enjoy a HUGE meal!

Coffee, tea, water, lots of refreshments:

And, FOOD:

And, OHHHHH MYYYYY, the desert table, oh, I took this photo before it was really loaded down, believe there were about 2 times this many deserts on the table by dinner time!  Not a carb or calorie in the tent this night, NONE!

Our last official day of the Rally was on Tuesday, the guys had a number of seminars, and the gals went to lunch and shopping.  I took a few photos on our shopping trip, mostly of flowers and such, hoping to get a few nice photos for Flora and Fauna.  The Rally ended with an ice cream social, again, no photos.  Isn't that unreal, Carol + camera = NO photos??  Hey, even Carol gets to take some time off for FUN!

Fellow MOC member and friend Ron Lichtenberg  shared this photo of our rigs he took from his roof!  Told ya that would be a cool photo!  Thanks Ron!!

A HUGE thank you to our Wagon Masters, Rosetta and George Person.  They must have worked VERY hard before the Rally, because events ran smooth.  They did a great job setting up the facilities and making sure we had everything we needed, from tables and chairs to power, even a freezer for our ice cream.  I cannot tell you, from a purely selfish point of view, how wonderful it was to show up to teach my classes and not have to worry about sufficient power.  THANK YOU ROSETTA AND GEORGE!!  (Thank you to Lynne Carothers for the photo.)

Sadly, every Rally must end, dear friends head to the next campground, the next experience, home to family.  Many of us will remain friends for many years to come and rejoice each and every time we meet, at rallies and in campgrounds across our great nation.  And, so, to, the 2011 MOC Fall Rally comes to a close, the last sunset:

Safe rides to all, until we meet again - -


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Joan said...

Sounds like a great time! Just like going to camp when we were kids. Yippeee!