Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE Trip, More Signs and Stuff That Catch My Attention

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Now and then I like to share "signs" and oddities.  They drew my attention, they made me smile, just cause.

Some may be so familiar to you that you wonder why they draw my attention, well, because, they are NOT familiar to me!

Below, if I was that tired, I am not sure I would be able to read this sign, just sayin' - -

Below, no Virginia, it is NOT an rural airport, it is along side the highway to let you know there might be a strong cross wind, high profile vehicles beware.

Below:  We live in a county where you cannot legally drive over 55 MPH, and in a state where the last I knew the top legal speed limit is 70 MPH.  This sign and others with even higher limits, not the norm for me.  Scenery is not norm either, kinda wish it were.

OK, we do have "deer" signs, but, in my neck of the woods in SE Michigan, there simply are no "elk" signs.  This one was along I 70, and I gotta say, I sure would not want to be messing with an animal the size of an elk doing the 75 MPH from the sign above.  No thank you.

And, for sure there are no signs like this one.  When you are toting/hauling 23,000 pounds you sure do not want to run out of fuel, cause, mmm, there are a lot of long and tall hills between this sign and the next place to fill up.  Big Butt does not get the best mileage, eh??  Thankfully the fuel tank is about 36 gallons.  Whew!  And, yes, we carry a few extra gallons in gas cans, just in case.

This sign will give you pause when you are hauling too.  Tana measures close to 13 foot 1 inch tall.  Not a lot of room for error here.  Tends to make us slow way down when we drive through.  We also tend to try to drive right down the middle of the tunnel if at all possible.  LOL

And, last, but you know the saying, not least, below, fuel storage tanks near Salina Utah.  Have no idea why they are painted this way, but, they made me smile!  I'll have a diet if you please.

I know, I am easily amused.



Barbara Poole said...

All sites were interesting, but I have to wonder about the first. Maybe the last service stop was 100 miles back or something?

Greta Koehl said...

Uh, count me as easily amused, too!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I love the fuel storage tanks! Being a westerner, i am bery ised to the "Next services 109 miles" signs. Usually cringe when i see em. Especially if i have to go potty. Lol