Monday, September 12, 2011

THE Trip, Salina Utah to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, By Way Of - -

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The trip today was 143 miles, sorta.

And, I'll just bet by the title of this post you have already figured out we made a bit of a wrong turn (rather the lack of a turn) along the way.  You would be right.

We left Salina Utah around 11AM, since we only had that short run.  Jumped on I 70 west, no more real long long long hills today.  We were supposed to turn at Sevier and jump on 89 south, and eventually, we did.  But, we missed the turn for Sevier and realized it about 3 miles later.  Thank goodness there was another exit just a few more miles down the road.  Someone (err, Man) was a bit aggravated and snarled a lot.  Someone else (err, Moi) had a headache and was just not feeling at the top of her game, and the tension was measurable, and one could hear it as well.  It was rather loud!  LOL

Above:  I 70, west of Salina and 89, ooops.  Well, it is pretty enough to see again and again, right??  LOL  Below, almost back to 89, dramatic, isn't it??

Well, we got turned around, went back those 5 miles or so on Eastbound I 70, found the exit and headed south on 89, a two laner.

At Panguitch we hung a left to stay on 89 till we found 12 which we followed into the Bryce Canyon area.  By the way, my Microsoft Streets and Trips calls 12 the "A Journey Through Time Byway-Highway".

Below:  There it was, our first view of the hoodoos of the Bryce Canyon Area.  This actually is Red Canyon.

So, the trip should have been about 133 miles, but the odometer shows 143.  Our campsite is at 7600 feet elevation.  We settle in, get our bearings, and get ready to visit Bryce Canyon National Park.  Oh, and it is a bit chilly at night, dropping to about 35 degrees.  It will be coolish and more, yea, it snows, before our visit is over.  It is May 7, 2011.


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