Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Fireworks

Sharing a Slice of Life, the meme this week is:

"...let's hear your family fireworks stories."

I remember lots of fireworks, one year in Charlevoix Michigan, they had good ones!  Many years as a child, the specifics escape me.  Taking our 3 sons to fireworks when they were young, one year, it seems we sat in our car over by Belleville Lake (Michigan), again, many of the specifics escape me.

But, there is one 4th of July that remains more clear in my memory.  The year we moved from the city to the country.  Man had never lived anywhere that did not have sidewalks.  Now we lived on a gravel road, with well and septic system, and NO sidewalks!

We moved on July 1st.  Just before the holiday.  One of the families that lived a few houses, errr, acres away, had a huge party each year and they had their own fireworks show.  It was pretty good too, illegal for sure, but, they did have good fireworks!

I thought it was right nice of them to welcome us to the country that way. 

*On the subject of the 4th of July, and the American Revolution, I have been reading other genie-blogs today and am totally overwhelmed at the number of bloggers out there that have Revolutionary soliders/ancestors.  And, how many have mulitple ancestors who proudly served.   Suggest you might enjoy a visit to GeneaBloggers, Happy Independence Day!  Be sure to click on read more at the end of each page.  Fabulous stuff!

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hummer said...

Great Blog. How funny, but quite accommodating. I am with you the details, of my early youth have escaped me. Oh well, maybe when I am

Texasblu said...

That's a great story. I've been in the middle of a move on the 4th, and fireworks are not something you'd think were important, but they do make a nice break!