Thursday, July 8, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday, Three Moroccan Treasures

These three treasures came home with us from Morocco.  They were not expensive.

The first is a brass candle or incense burner.  The top is hinged to access the bowl for the candle or incense.  I keep it clean with brass cleaner.  It is about 9 inches tall.

Next, is this black and silver vase.  It is about 6 inches tall, I do not use it for fresh flowers, don't want the water standing in it.  I have no idea what the black material is.  The silver colored design does tarnish/turn , and is cleaned with silver cleaner.

Next is a copper vase with brass decorations.  Again, I do not use this vase for fresh flowers, it is almost the exact same height as the black and silver one, about 6 inches tall.  Interestingly, it is weighted.  When you pick it up, you can tell the bottom of the vase is very heavy. The top, from the brass circular band to the top, is quite thin and light.

All three are enjoyed daily, they are displayed on oak corner shelves in our kitchen.

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Michelle Goodrum said...

The copper vase is beautiful!