Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Minutiae, Moaning and MMMMM Good

One moaning and several MMMMM good:

Moaning: Jump breaks.  OK, I understand using them, maybe.  Forces your readers to "open" your blog, really visit, not use Google Reader, drives up your visits counts, etc. etc. etc.  Personally, I find them mildly irritating on most days.  But, this weekend, they were down right infuriating.  Why? 

My Internet connection is an air card.  Most of the time, this choice fits our life style quite nicely.  And, it actually does a better job than our two previous choices for connection, land lines (can we spell S-L-O-W??) or Internet satellite (can we spell, A-L-M-O-S-T as S-L-O-W?)  The air card is faster than both, usually, and is our only other choice for connecting to the net - no cable telie out here in the country.  It fits our life style well, as we can pick up and run off and take it with us at a moments notice.  However, sometimes it is so slow it is akin to land lines.  Painful, very painful. You know you are in the slow lane when you can start a page loading and go feed the dogs and come back and the page is still loading. OK, maybe that is a stretch, but, I have made potty stops while pages load.

Then on the rare occasion we have, like, almost NO service.  Like this weekend.  Our service was so poor that there were times that web pages would not load, period.  More than painful.  Jump breaks this weekend made it worse, I had to load your blogs twice (if they loaded at all), once to get there, and one more time to read past the jump break.  I gave thoughts to dropping all blogs that use jump breaks off my reading list.  I would miss some great stuff, but, at that moment, the thought did cross my mind.  Nope, I am no fan of jump breaks.

MMMMM good:  Cousin Karen is up today for Relatively Speaking.  She talks a bit about our connection, and the really small world we live in, go have a visit.

MMMMM good:  Distant cousin to Man, Leah, over at "The Internet Genealogist", has a very interesting tidbit on their mutual ancestor on her post, An Awful Manner.  Thanks Leah, and can we say, MY MY MY!!

MMMMM good:  Man had a case of cabin fever this weekend and the cure was a trip to town to a small festival being held at the fairgrounds, one we had not been to before.  Lots of motor cycles and some racing, the ever present flea markets, and junk food.  Flea market did not get into my pocketbook, the junk food was OK, and the race track was dusty.  But, there were these, bed races??  I'll just show ya, how fun is this??

Above, check out that front tire (right one in photo),
yea, was really bent, made racing difficult, eh?

* It has been a animal kind of week over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  And, more coming, tomorrow, Mr. Squirrel and later this week, more white tail deer, ohhhh, I got a goodie photo this AM!  Can't wait to show you!

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geneabloggers said...

I am not a big fan of jump breaks, or "read more" or the trendy "magazine" layout of some blogs.

I tried this at one point with GeneaBloggers and I find that I and the rest of our crowd are of the "less clicks" mindset. I intend to keep it that way.

When I read this part of your post, I just keep hearing that stupid television commercial for Bing: "LOS LINKS!"

Mary said...

I hate to sound stupid but 'what is a jump break'?

Carol said...

Mary, a jump break is something you can use in Google Blogger, I have no idea if it is available in Wordpress.

It is a FORMATING thing, like BOLD, or italics would be. It is found on that same line in your editing screen at blogger.

Only this breaks off your post (you get to choose where I believe) and makes the reader open another page to read the rest.

Hope that helps. Giggling a bit here, because I had to go find it this AM on blogger, I had no idea what the name was, but, I sure knew what it did and how I felt about it! LOL

Carol said...

By the way Mary, I tried to get this jump break thingy to work, was going to show you what it looked like in a new post, and I cannot get it to work. HAHA, maybe that is a good thing, since I don't like it in other people's posts! LOL

Michelle Goodrum said...

I love the bed races! Thanks for sharing.

Apple said...

I dislike jump breaks and shortened feeds. If I want to jump over and leave a comment I will but I often don't read an entire post because of it. I do understand why so many shorten their feeds to keep sploggers from obtaining a full post. If you're curious you can change your feed setting from the settings tab, then site feed.

Love the bed races! Our county fair is this week but I think we'll miss it again this year.

Leah said...

I hate jump breaks (had no idea that was their name until I read your post) also. I guess I can understand the logic behind them but there just has to be a better way to keep sploggers at bay. Like Apple, I find myself skipping the entire post most of time but I'm of the "less clicks" mindset Thomas mentioned.

Btw, thanks for the mention!