Friday, July 30, 2010

More Good Reading With a Dash of Serious, Follow Friday

The good stuff first:

LindaRe, a new blogger, who writes Between the Gate Posts has a great mystery to solve, Madness Monday - Killed His Sister.  I'm following to see if she can discover more.

A delightful post by Nolichucky Roots, another new blogger, where she transcribes the engagement announcement of her grandparents.  Totally delightful!

Next up, another new blog (to me), that is so enchanting you just cannot believe it.  It is not really a genie blog, but, who can resist these photos??  Go see Adele at Mila's Daydreams.  If sweet babies make you cry, you may want to have Kleenex handy.  I know you will smile.  Thanks to Thomas MacEntee, GeneaBlogger supreme for the link, via Facebook.

Now, some serious thoughts and reading:

Readers and researchers from Ohio and Michigan already know a lot about this, our state libraries are in dire straights.  Michigan genealogy societies have been striving to keep our genealogy collection in the Library of Michigan in one piece for months now.  You can read all about it at the Michigan Genealogical Council web site.

Curt B. Witcher, from the Allen County Library, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana (which is reported to be the second largest genealogical collection under one roof in the United States) is the focus of several blogs and news articles late this week, Terri Kallio, of The Ties That Bind, wrote Will We Have to go Dumpster Diving for Our Records? after she read about Curt's take on "Genealogical Dark Ages".  She has a link to the original news article in her post.

Times are rough, the economy has much to do with a lot of this trouble.  Federal laws enacted or considered since September 11, 2001 also will be changing our accessibility to records, old and new.  Our world, including our research world, is constantly changing.  I have definite views on much of this, which at this time I will not be detailing.  Maybe some time I will.  For now, read Terri's article and visit the Michigan Genealogical Council web site, become aware of changes that may happen, if they do, they could impact your research.

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