Saturday, February 10, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 6: "Favorite Name"

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This week's post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme.  Week 6. "Favorite Name".

I gave this a lot of thought.  With well over 18,000 individuals in my data base, it was difficult.  Seriously, I don't think I have a favorite.  So, I, once more, went a bit of a different route.  Headed over to the data base and looked at the file statistics.  It really is a fascinating little report, well, maybe not so little.

However, anything that catches my attention and makes me review and or giggle at myself, that's all good stuff.

Here are my most popular surnames and given names.  First the surnames.  Only surprise, and probably should not be is that Smith is number 4.  

Here are the most popular given names in my data base.  Look at number 1.  Really?  I think I have some explaining to do, to me!  HOW did that happen?  I think I know.  I think I need to review and see if I can change a few of those Mr. first names to, you know, oh, maybe, John?

Have you ever checked your data base for statistics??  You might be surprised.

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Denise Hibsch Richmond said...

Giggle indeed! With you, not at you. Even funnier if you knew how many Mr. Butts there are. My database is too small for good stuff like this. Thanks for the tangent, Carol.

Carol said...

You are welcome Denise. You just have to laugh. And, then, maybe if one is lucky, fix a few of these. LOL . Thanks for reading.

Taneya said...

Looking at database statistics is way more fun that you'd think it would be! :-) Great post.

Claire Becker said...

I had never thought of running a report to check how many of each name I have collected. I remember making tally sheets on notepaper when I was in High School and my Dad was just getting started on this journey. Even back then I couldnt believe how many James, John, Mary and Anns there were. I'm running a report right now !

Carol said...

Claire, I hope your report turned out to be interesting. And, far fewer "Mr." given names than I found! LOL

Carol said...

Thanks Tanya, I am still giggling.