Friday, January 29, 2016

The Cookie Shot:: The Whitmer Cradle

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I have not been blogging much.  I have been reviewing, researching, linking, all on the family history data base.  I have a backlog of photos and documents, so large, I am not going to count them.  It would be discouraging and embarrassing.  It is so wonderful to be so blessed.  It is so easy to just keep researching and having fun.  I need to do better at recording and linking.  I procrastinate.  And, then, I go have more fun, and research more!

I did find this jewel tho, yes, little Carol.  In the Whitmer cradle.

This is another photo, very similar to the one in this blog post from 2009.

However, in the new one, taken from a slightly different angle, I discovered, what I think are bribes to keep me still for the photo op.

I see a cookie in my left hand, or some food goodie.  Yummy.  And, in my right hand, a comb??

Hey parents do what they have to do, eh??

By the way, the original post on the Whitmer cradle is here.  I believe I have discovered another photo of generation # 4, buried somewhere in all these files.  There are no known photos of generation # 1 or # 2 in the cradle.


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