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Larch Mountain Oregon, Oh, The Views! THE Trip, THE Encore'

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Back to THE Trip, THE Encore' on June 28, 2013.  Yes, the date is correct!  No, we are not in Oregon today, except here on Reflections we can go anywhere, virtually, at any time.

We decided to go have a look at Larch Mountain's Sherrard Point, that has views of nearby Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Rainier near Seattle and Mount St. Helens.

We started out at an elevation of 65 feet, but, with a 10 % grade road, we quickly climbed to 3873 feet near the parking area for our hike to Sherrad Point.

Pretty drive to the parking area:


Believed to be beargrass:

Trail started out this way, level surface, but, going up:

Wasn't long and this is what the trail looked likes, stairs and more stairs.  

The summit, at 4056 feet:

Some puffy clouds hung low enough to cover the tops of the 5 mountains.  And, since it has been so long I won't swear I have the right names with the right photos.  So, I just won't name them.  (LOL)  Due to the low (?) hanging clouds, I could barely make out several of the mountain tops.

Mountains, water, evergreens, pines, bliss:

My fav photo of the day:

In a few days we would move to Packwood Washington to wait out the 4th of July holiday. The only place we could find a campsite at short notice.  The internet connections were non-existent, but, the scenery took our breath away.


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