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Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, Stevenson, Washington:: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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Back a LONG LONG time ago, Man and I were on our second trip "out west".  Back in 2013.  Ya, really.  This post is from our visit to Stevenson Washington, on June 28, 2013. I really hope to some day finish off this trip.  So, here is another chapter/post.

We crossed over into the state of Washington via the "Bridge of the Gods".

Before we crossed, a few photos from the Oregon side.  No, I have no idea what the bedding is doing in this photo.

The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center is a wonderful place to visit.  Frankly, I was not all that impressed by the first view from the outside.  

But, their collection inside was very impressive.  Starting with berry gathering and storage baskets:

Petroglyph or pictographs, lovely.

Identified as a bridal veil.

This is a parfleche from the Klickitat people, ca 1890.

1921 Mack truck:

Artifacts from the Charlie Doumitt general store collection:

You know how I felt when I saw this wall of family photos, and how I searched the names. Nope, no hits.  But, still a lovely collection.

As I said the collection is extensive.  And, several floors full.  And, even some "walkways" way up high that were filled with more artifacts.  I loved the Shaker styling of this particular piece, the old kiddy car, and the cradle of course.

Our day would finish off with a lovely drive around the Columbia Gorge, photos coming soon.  Or later.  Or whenever - -


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