Monday, November 23, 2015

Folly Beach, South Carolina:: Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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As Man and I make our way south via the east coast we have received some great suggestions for places to visit when we stop in wonderful southern cities, such as, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Savannah.

Oh, the suggestions are wonderful and bring back such memories.  We cannot thank you all enough.  

However, for the most part, we are just stopping a couple of nights and moving on.  Not a lot of time for serious sightseeing (well the way we sightsee, slow and easy.)  As we are stopping in some very familiar spots, we are for the most part, just hitting a favorite restaurant or two, and perhaps, stopping to see something new.

Such was the case while we stopped at James Island/Charleston South Carolina.

We wanted to visit a family home, which we did.  Also on the to do list was to drive down to Folly Beach, which we also did.

Folly has changed, it has grown.  But, it is still beach.

This guy was having a blast playing in the surf:

It was overcast.  But, the surf was up a bit, enough for a few guys to be surfing:

She was taking photos of the surfers.  Sorry, too cold for me.  Note the surfers have on wet suits, she has on short shorts.  And, sorry, I doubt I would be taking my camera out in that rough surf.  I am clumsy, and I am sure it would be dumped in the drink.

Sea mist, makes lovely views of the surroundings.  As long as it is light and I don't have to drive in it.

Rolling waves:

These flowers (black eyed susans??) sure looked bright and cheery on a dull day.

Critters are frequently entertaining:

They sure were enjoying their bathing opportunity:

The next day we would drive out to discover Edisto, we had never been.  It was laid back, and easy and a nice drive. Yes, I have photos.  To share.  Sometime.


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