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Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Island, near Tybee Island, Georgia

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In April of 2012, Man and I visited Fort Pulaski, near Tybee Island, Georgia.   It appears I did not blog about our visit, I am befuddled, but, hey, it is what it is.

In late November 2015 we returned to the area and I had requests for photos, etc.

Since we had already visited the Fort, we did not do so in November, but, here is what we would have seen.  You will note, that there is a small sign, announcing there will be cannon firing.  And, there was, and it was very cool and interesting.

You approach the island and the park on this simple but stark bridge.

The day we visited, this flag flew over the fort.  The official National Park Service page is here.  There is also a Wikipedia page here.

Construction began in 1829 (per the Wikipedia page) and finished in 1847, costing nearly 1 million dollars. 25,000,000 bricks, walls were 11 feet thick, with wooden pilings that had been sunk as far as 70 feet into the mud.

It is surrounded by a moat.


Inside, cannons.  Lots of cannons, in the yard, in the buildings and on the top of the buildings.

Inside, note the grooves in the floor from the weight of the cannons digging into the flooring.

On the upper levels.

This may give you an idea of how large these cannons are.

Looking down into the "yard":

Now, remember than cannon firing sign?  This fellow is demonstrating and explaining the workings and the loading of a cannon.

This is a "ram".  Jams the shot and gunpowder and such into the cannon. (Can you tell I am no expert on cannons??  LOL)

And, we get ready for the reinactors to "fire" the cannon.

BOOM!  Look at all that smoke!  (OK, I'll admit it, I really like this photo.)

There is, of course, a cemetery on the premises.  The cemetery, Fort Pulaski Prisoner Burial Ground, is listed at Find A Grave

Fort Pulaski is a must stop for those interested in the study of the Civil War.  


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