Sunday, November 22, 2015

Columbia Gorge, Blue Skies, Bridges, Boats, Beauty Beyond Words:: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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The last post from our western trip, date, June 28, 2013.  Read that date again, carefully. We are NOT in the western states today.  

Our drive home this day took us north a few miles to the Hood River Toll Bridge.  We saw bridges (love bridges), boats, blue skies, and tons and tons of beauty.  OH, and a few train tracks, tunnels and more beauty.

No more words.  Just look - - 

Then, the Hood River Toll Bridge and back to Oregon we go.

It has been a great day, which took me months to post on Reflections.  Our next day of exploring took us to Larch Mountain and a nice hike.



my Heritage Happens said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful day! We did the Columbia River on Harley's back in 2001 when we rode to Sturgis. One of my trips of a lifetime. Glad you are posting your photos!

Carol said...

Thank you Cheryl.