Saturday, November 14, 2015

A House is Not a Home Without A Yorkie - - And, His Name is Winston

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I firmly believe this.

So, this week - - 

Sweetness came to our home.

His name is Winston.   Due to a couple of ladies with fleeting hysterical memories, he almost became Watson, and then, Wilson.  Long story, but, we think his nickname may always be WWW.

He is 5.5 months old.  Weighs in at 3.1 pounds.

At home, considering the options.  Shoes or electric cords?  Parents are quickly adjusting to the less remembered little quirks that young puppies possess, and those teething issues.

The house is once again a home.  Translated that means, squeaky toys and milk bones cover the floor.  Keep the shoes on.

Woof!  Yorkies rule.  Man and I have been yorked!



John Bankson said...

So I see that you've added 4 feet to your home?! ;-) Congratulations!

Carol said...

Thank you John!

Jan Mains said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you were waiting for the perfect one and I think you found her.

my Heritage Happens said...

Cuteness! Enjoy!

Carol said...

Thank you Cheryl.

Carol said...

Thank you Jan, we are very pleased with our new little "dude".

Robin Fox said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love your baby

Robin Fox said...

Oh so adorable. Enjoy him.

Carol said...

Thank you Robin.

Yvonne Stevens said...

OK, now how does one say his nick name: double u double u double u?
I am glad you are happy again. Happy is sooooooo good.

Carol said...

w w w

Three W's.

LOL Yvonne.


He is turning out to be a total joy, loving both Man and I. He travels well, and walks on a leash as if he always has (he only has been walking on a leash for a few days).

Yep, Happy!