Thursday, May 29, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday :: Millie's Nut Meat Chopper

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We are in the last throws of the clean out of Man's mother's home.  He came home with this 5.5 inch tall Nut Meat Chopper the other day.  He remembers his mother chopping nuts with it for cooking.

The top part is a thin metal, the bottom is a glass jar.

As is the usual case, when I start blogging, I start researching.  I turned the chopper over and over and finally found in tiny tiny stamped letters, Pat. No. 27001075.  I went charging over to Google Patents and started searching.  At first I thought maybe the number was 27001079.  That stamped number is VERY small.  However, in just a few minutes I found the correct number and the chopper patent.

The drawing:

The basic data:

Publication number US2001075 A
Publication type Grant
Publication date May 14, 1935
Filing date Nov 21, 1932
Priority date Nov 21, 1932
Inventors Sundstrand Carl A
Original Assignee Sundstrand Carl A

The first few paragraphs from the patent read:

"This invention-relates to a new and improved device for chopping or breaking up nut meats and other foodstuffs.

Despite all the ingenuity that has been exercised in the development of numerous articles of kitchenware, it appears that nothing practical has been developed for breaking nut meats, and as a result, this and other work of a like nature is still done to a large extent by hand. The work is not only tedious, but the results are unsatisfactory. The customary practice is to have the nuts in a chopping bowl and to keep working them with a knife or chopper until they are brought to the desired fineness. This, as stated before, is tedious work, and there is the objection that the stuff is not cut to any uniform size, some particles being cut very fine and others being left very coarse. Furthermore this old method was objectionable because of the loss of the natural oils and flavor.

It is, therefore, the principal object of my invention to provide a device operable by the turning of a crank for ease in operation, and constructed to break the nut meats or other food to a fairly uniform size.

Another object consists in the provision of a device consisting of a hopper in the bottom of which the breaker means is embodied, arranged to be mounted on a jar by means of a screw-on cap, thus providing a relatively inexpensive device, attractive in appearance, and extremely practical for the purpose intended."

How interesting is this??  Well, there's more, lots more over on the Patent page from Google.  As I have probably exceeded a "fair use" test on borrowing from the web page, you really should go read it for your self!  What a hoot, and run all the way down to the bottom of the page, where you will find references to additional patents connected to this one, you will undoubtedly recognize the names Hamilton Beach and Pampered Chef!

What a little treasure Man brought home this time, and a lesson in history and patents.



Myrna said...

We grew up using one of those and I have a similar one now. In fact chopped some walnuts tonight to sprinkle on our ice cream. The grandsons thought it was fun!!

Nancy said...

I have my mother's chopper and I still use it. The one in your photo from your mother-in-law may not have the original glass jar at the bottom. From the patent information you can see that the original was bulbous. And all the ones I've seen have red-painted metal, some with a decal on the side.

I wouldn't have thought to search for patent information but it's interesting to know that it was patented in 1935.

I don't remember if you bake much but if you do and you use nuts, I hope you enjoy using this wonderful piece of kitchen equipment, Carol.

Jan Kelpe said...

My Mom had the same one and the bottowm was rounded like the patent picture. Not sure who has it now but it ground a lot of nuts.

unoffsatwnhist said...

I just bought on at an antique shop. Did the same research. What a little treasure.