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Effingham County Georiga, A Day of History and Fun

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The Remley clan originally was from Colleton County South Carolina, but, after the Civil War they moved cross the border into Effingham County Georgia.  Eventually one of the daughters, Minnie Maud Remley married into the Bowen clan from Bulloch County Georgia (her hubs was Joseph Eugene Bowen.  I have written about both on Reflections before.

Despite the fact that Man and I had visited Statesboro (Bulloch County) once or twice before, once for at least a week, we had never wandered over to Effingham County.  I decided this trip, this stop, that I would get to Effingham.  In fact, we went twice. Once on a research trip, in which I discovered the library was about to close.  I did manage some research.  On the suggestion of the librarians we contacted the Historic Effingham Society.  Their web page seems to be outta wack at the moment, so, here are two links, one to their Facebook page and one to a recent news article.  You might want to read the news article, as it talks about the day we went to Effingham the second time.

The "old" Effingham County Courthouse.  It is a beauty, for sure!

During the Effingham Festival at the Living History Site they have car shows, see:

The museum was also open, the staff there are wonderful, the displays are well done, and they have a genie library!  Yep, I came away with a few group sheets that will provide me a number of great research hours!  There was a doll show (FAIL, I missed it!  Rats!) Ditto quilt show. Double Rats!

But, Man and I did wander down and fully enjoyed the Living History site next to the museum.  This is the Seckinger-Bridgers Home, ca 1900.

Inside, the rooms were wonderful, Sony Too and I had a grand time.  The crochet work and quilt, the fireplace, the family photo.  SIGHHH

In another corner, the sewing machine and a rocker.  Sit a spell, have a rest, here is your fan, let's chat - -

Screened in baby crib.

Lovely dining table.

A panoramic of many of the buildings and the visitors, mulling about, learning, sharing, enjoying.

This is a turpentine still, or part of it anyway.  My ancestors in this area were sometimes involved in the production of turpentine.  It is an interesting process, that I am still learning bout.

This was in the Cook House"Kitchen".  Those are some seriously heavy pots, I just cannot imagine having to lift several of those for each meal that was prepared.

The Cook House "Kitchen", in the foreground, the Gnann Summer House, in the background.

What a lovely headboard and bedroom set.  Yes, even a chamber pot.

And, this is what happens when we try to take a photo of the mock Civil War battle and cover our ears at the same time.  Those cannons are loud!  Caught the smoke even tho I could not hold Sony Too still!  LOL

What an enjoyable day at the Effingham Festival.


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