Thursday, May 8, 2014

Statesboro Georgia, the Georgia Southern Botanical Garden & The Bland Cottage

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Otherwise know as the Garden of the Coastal Plain.  This delightful spot is 11 acres of gardens from the early twentieth century farmstead of Dan and Catharine Bland.

Bland Cottage:

Inside, they use some of the rooms for wedding preparations and photo ops.  There were some furnishings around the edges, the center of several of the rooms open.  Truly, a delightful background for pre-wedding photos.

There are trails, paths and courtyards.  There were several pieces of statuary and art spread around the South Woodlands and Woodlands Native Plant Collection area.

Look what is in the top - -

The azalea garden was peak, the color of this particular variety was deeply rich and vibrant.  I believe these may be what is called "Florida" azaleas.

The Heritage Pavilion, modern rest rooms and this facility can be rented.  The entire gardens, needless to say, are very popular for weddings.

Spring annual flowers, always make me smile, color, bright yellow, deep purples.

This is, according to the signage, is two winged silver bell.  It is a tree, or a significantly large bush/shrub.  I call it a tree.  I had to reach up to at least 6 or 7 feet to get the photos.

We took our time wandering around the grounds, the weather was mild and favorable, the gardens very quiet, we only saw a few other visitors.  Man spent a long time in the Weather Vane Barn, learning from the Rural Life Exhibit.

We missed visiting these gardens on prior stops in Statesboro Georgia.  Sure glad we did not miss the gardens and grounds this year.


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