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Rock City, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Part 2 - - Nature's Beauty

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Yes, I had heard of Rock City, who hasn't.  If you lived on the east side of this nation you must have seen the signs, SEE ROCK CITY. Iconic.  And, Man and I had never been, ever.  On the way north we stopped for the Easter holiday near Chattanooga.  We went "tourist" for a week.  Had a great time.

Rock City.  Contains 14-acres, views from 1,700 feet above sea level where you can see 7 different states from Lover's Leap. There is a 4100 ft. walking trail, and a 180-foot long suspension bridge and more.

A pink flowering dogwood.  Stunning.

Needles Eye and Man squeezing through.

Lenton Rose:

Man resting at Mushroom Rock.  Not that we needed the rest, but, why hurry?  Why not rest?

The trails would pass over them selves, curving along.

Mount Airy Fothergilla

Seven, count them, 7 states:

Necessary panoramic.

The flags of the seven states:

90 to 100 foot water fall, High Falls

This is Fat Man Squeeze.  And, yes, some people really had to squeeze through, not sayin they were fat or anything, never say that - - -

Man in the "squeeze".

The swinging bridge from below.  We did not take the bridge, there were two walkways, we had to choose one, we thought we could walk it on the way back, did not happen.  Rats!

Fallow deer.  Happen to be descendants of the original 1930's herd.

Lover's Leap and the High Falls.  Yes, there are people up there, that is where you can view the seven states.

Spring time flowers, this bee was flitting about, drinking nectar as fast as possible.  (Thank you Sony Too zoom.)

The views were terrific at Lover's Leap.  The trail through the rocks, narrow at times, special.  Spring flowers and flowering trees were starting a nice show.  Man and I had a delightful time.  So, if you ever see one of those barns painted "See Rock City", you just might want to do that.

*  OH, yes, I indeed purchased a Rock City bird house of my own:

It is all of 2 inches tall, you can see it there tucked between the crab pot and that bear.  Some of my tiny and sometimes tacky but fun memorials of places Man and I have visited over the years.


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