Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back in SE Michigan at the Sticks N Bricks

Copyright 2014, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

We arrived back in SE Michigan at the sticks n bricks about a week ago.

After the long and really horrific winter Michigan experienced, we were curious, how would the flora and fauna have done?

Well, so far, down at the bridge, the water is not nearly has high as we would have imagined.  One neighbor says it was the "slow" melt, no flooding.

I have seen one young deer in the yard grazing.  I heard one morning VERY early the unique chatter of some sand hill cranes, believe they are back in the swamp (see photo above).

My miniature grape hyacinths are at peak.  They are all of about 3 inches tall.

We found lots of mole trails, they sure can burrow long distances.  Due to the long lasting snow we found areas in the yard where mice had built grass nests resulting in bare patches in the lawn.

The wild violets are blooming all around the flower beds, they self seed, they pop up everywhere, and I don't have the heart to pull them all out.  I do so love volunteers!

My tulips have actually come back some, I have more blooms this year than a few years ago.  Not saying much, but, since I thought they were all gone, I'll smile.

Of course, the thistle survived.  Thistle ALWAYS survives.  Did I ever tell you how much I really dislike thistle??

The daffodils have died off, except for this one really nice patch:

The star magnolias, well, the white one, shown here, has some blooms, I have seen more.  The pink magnolia, had about 5 blooms, really sad.  I hope I don't loose it.    The wind was blowing - -

The dandelions are blooming profusely.

Perhaps the most pathetic was the forsythia.  Sad beyond words, the cold weather must have frozen the flower buds right off?  This seems to be the story in all of SE Michigan, several friends report the same lack of blooms:

Yesterday was the first time I had seen the geese in the yard and pond.  This morning I saw a couple with 2 small babies, still yellow, which indicates they are very new hatchlings.  (No photo).

We have a cardinal building a nest on the north side of the house, and in a bush on the south side, lookie what we found:

And, a few hours later, I found mom cardinal sitting on the nest.  Photo taken through the window.  She built this where we may be able to see the babies, IF the bush does not put out leaves between us and the nest.

Late last evening I spied 3 purple finches in this same bush, all males.  I am not sure if they were trying to raid the nest or what.

Sooo, looks like Man and I are gonna be grandparents to some cardinal babies.  Maybe - -



GrannyPam said...

My forsythia was pathetic, too. Love the Cardinal nest, lucky you!

Karen said...

How exciting about the Cardinals! So fun. As usual, wonderful shots!

Joan said...

I had to leave a hanging pot in the greenhouse -- home to tiny eggs, and now to fuzzy little creatures with wide gaping mouths. The mom and dad are so busy swooping in and out of the green house -- they hardly pay any attention to us and our silly plantings.