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Mariah, Where Art Thou Buried?

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During March 2014, in my participation in the 52 Ancestor Weeks meme, I wrote three pieces on the Grants and the Remleys.

Sunday's Stories, 52 Ancestor Weeks, Week # 9, The Remleys and Grants, Part 1

Sunday's Stories, 52 Ancestor Weeks, Week # 10, The Remleys and Grants, Part 2, this post specifically addressed William H. Remley and his wife Mariah "Maria" Malvirna Grant Remley.

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This week I find myself nearby in Statesboro Georgia.  I am doing a bit of research, surrounded by taxes and reality.  Today, Man and I drove over to Effingham County.  We got a late start (nothing real new there) and I thought it was Tuesday (this "no calendar being retired" stuff tends to get me in a fix because I can never remember what day it is).  It actually is Wednesday (who knew), and the library closed early, but, I did get a chance to review their collection.  No surprises, nothing really new.

The librarians suggested I could try the Historical Society, so, I called and they were sweet enough to let me stop by even though, they were technically closed too.  I walked away with two great family group sheets on a line I have sorta stalled on, the bride married a Remley.

So I did exactly what I have always warned my students about, arriving at a research facility at the wrong time.  I sure got lucky!

Next we went off to find two cemeteries. Below is the Corinth Baptist Church, the cemetery is behind it.  Note, it is Baptist.

I knew that there were 4 Remley graves here, I manage their memorials, Henry J. Pringle Remley,  Howard Ernest RemleyJames Winslow Remley, and Eva Caroline Hinely Remley.  Henry and James are brothers, sons of William and Mariah Grant Remley.  Eva was the wife of James.  Howard was the son of James and Eva.  There are photos on the memorials, taken by a kind Find A Grave volunteer.  This visit was more about paying respects, and of course, wondering if I could see anything that gave me a hint about William and Mariah.  See, we still have no idea where William and Mariah are buried, not really.

Below, the entire family area.  James and Eva to the far left, then, Howard in the middle, then a space with no marking and then, Henry to the far right.

I had my able and willing assistant stand between Howard and Henry's stones.  Hmmm, wonder if there would be two grave sites there.  I'm thinking, maybe??

Referring to my notes on Mariah and this map found in the work, "Family and Church Cemeteries, Volume 1", by Lawrence M. Edwards, published in 1969, showing the Corinth Baptist Church, with name circled, lower left section of the map.  If you look above that, almost to the top of the map you will see the Mizpah Church.  The Mizpah church is Methodist.  Mariah's obituary states she was a Methodist and was buried at the Mizpah cemetery.  Hmmm?  So, I decide I really need to see this Mizpah Church, AKA the Mizpah United Methodist Church, and the cemetery in person.

Now, here is one of those sorta strange things that happen to many that research.  A friend had asked for photos of the azaleas which are at their peak of beauty here.  I felt I would find some at one of these cemeteries.  I have no idea why, I just knew I would, and here they were, glorious, at the Mizpah United Methodist Church.  Well, now - -

There is no record of Mariah or William being buried here.  This is what appears to be one of the oldest sections of the cemetery, you can see, there is plenty of room for burials.  Wooden cross marked burials, where the wooden cross rotted away, leaving no trace?  Or many financially poor souls whose families could not afford headstones?

So, I still have no idea where Mariah and William are buried, but, I have my suspicions.  Trouble is, Egypt, is much further from Mizpah than it is from Cornith.   But, Cornith is Baptist and Mizpah is Methodist.  Which leads me to wonder, is Mariah's obituary correct when it states she was Methodist and was buried in the Mizpah cemetery?

Oh, Mariah, Where Art Thou Buried??


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