Monday, April 21, 2014

A Ponce de Leon and Beach Kinda Day

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As we left Florida for points east and north, we had stopped for a few nights near Daytona Beach.  One day we spent exploring the Ponce de Leon Inlet area, including several beaches, the Lighthouse, had a wonderful lunch and found more beaches.

We stopped to turn around, yep, a U turn, so we could go back to a beach parking area with room for Jolly, and I spied this house. Color abounds.  I would like to see inside, eh?

We turned around so we could briefly stop at the Winter Haven Park.  There is beach access.  Love the bike riding on the beach.  We would see this frequently.

Along the beach we do find flowers, and, I have to stop and take photos:

Next stop, Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.  175 feet tall, Florida's tallest.  You can read more here, as well as the official page.

There are several buildings that serve as museums.  Displays of lighthouse memorabilia, include, bottles found around the grounds from the days when the lighthouse had onsite keepers.  Bottles, one of my favorites:

Another display had this interesting traveling library:

Man inspecting a beacon, the lens and light source.

Living quarters, note the ice box in left background.  My grandmother had a couch similar to this, but, in a dark green.

Inside the lighthouse, looking up, and up, and up and - - -

We did not climb it, with 203 stairs, my memory of Trinidad California and the after affects of that climb reminded me, I am no spring chicken any more!

After we leisurely wandered around the lighthouse grounds we had lunch and it was back to the beaches!

You can see beach going lovers participating in just about any sport, here the boys are playing bocci ball.

There are several ways to play Bocci ball, the following description is pretty much how our clan plays.  Bocci ball involves a target, usually small like a golf ball.  The target ball is tossed first.  Your object is to toss the larger heavy bocci ball as close to the target as possible.  The game usually involves a great deal of measuring.  Man carries a rule in his pants pockets, handy for those all important measurements. These guys have their own unique method of measuring:

Jolly drives the beach:

These two took their beach bikes seriously, at least the tires, they were fat, those tires!

Another kind of bike on the beach.  No shirt, no helmet for the biker.  The passenger seems to have a different take on it, helmet on, shirt too!  LOL

Jump!  Catch that frisbee, ohhh, well, it is low to the ground.  And, gotta love the great sand castle.

Your beach umbrella and chairs await.  $35.00 a day for one umbrella and two chairs.

We had great weather, lots of sun and a wonderful day.


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