Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"What's in your bag/pocket?"

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This blog post  is part of my participation in a weekly writing meme called, "The Book of Me, Written By You"  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.

I may or may not publicly share what I write each week. This week I share.

Week 29, the prompt is: "Whats in your bag/pocket?"

Do you routinely carry a bag or holdall?
What do you carry?
Why do you carry it?
What do you carry it in?
Do you carry differently things on specific days or to specific places?

Here I am ready for a day trip (Sony Too, the camera is in the truck, if we were out hiking or visiting a new place, Sony Too would be hanging round my neck.)

The little Baggallini purse/bag is my everyday purse. It is wonderful in research libraries, and is one of the reasons I began using a fanny pack years ago. This Baggallini is old, not sure how old, but old. Baggallini products are pricey and worth every penny you spend on them. They just keep going and going and going. No more "purses" for this gal. Due to the size, I am limited to a small amount of change, cards of identity and of course, cards for the research libraries and a few paper $$.

(Note the next two things were not asked about in this prompt, but, that I am going to address them anyway.  

I have the truck keys hanging from my belt. Sure Man has a set of keys, as he usually drives. A significant fear of getting locked OUT of Jolly the truck keeps my set of keys on the belt loop. Just in case.

I also have my phone hooked on the belt. Gotta have the connectivity close at hand.)

The blue back pack is one of several pack packs I own, the one I happened to be using this day.

And, just what is in that backpack? Well, the iPad, the small back up external hard drive for the computer and gorilla type tripod for the camera. Also, usually lurking around in one of the backpacks will be napkins, pens and pencils, power bars and other stuff that I can never do without, but, rarely use??

I rarely leave home without the iPad these days. And, I am not comfortable leaving it in the vehicle, heat and bad dudes could make my day miserable, eh?? So, if I take the iPad I take a backpack. Besides, you never know when you are going to need a recipe, a map, need to surf the web trying to get the answer to burning questions like "What are the 10 most visited places around Tampa?" or take a look at the family tree while you are out and about. 

The external hard drive holds all my data files and is updated daily.  If I change a file, it is changed on the little hard drive.  I carry it with me due to more paranoia.  I do not use a lot of "cloud" backups, and if something horrible would happen back at Tana or even our stick built home, I can replace the computer, I can replace the software, but, I cannot replace the data UNLESS I have a copy of it. I do have several other external hard drives, which are used to write all data files as of the 1st or the 15th of the month, but, they also are in Tana or at the stick built.  Therefore this one little hard drive could in the worst case scenario stand between recovery or not.

Each day brings new and varied activities. I pack for the planned day. Sometimes its a back pack kinda day, sometimes I only take the Baggallini.


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