Saturday, April 12, 2014

Smallest Church in America - - Maybe - - One Of.

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Two years ago as Man and I made our way north from our winter in Gulf Shores Alabama to our home in SE Michigan we stopped near Savannah Georgia to honker down for the Easter holiday, and to, of course, do some research.   I blogged most of the trip, as I had wanted to, but, never finished. Tis time, so:

As we were returning from a visit to Darien St. Andrew's Cemetery we happened upon the "Smallest Church in America".  Researching to post, I found this reference at Road Side America.  Really, just go look.  Smiles.

Yes, we stopped (well, I actually remember going past it, turning around and returning for a visit.  Was a good U-turn.

Sitting about the yard are a number of these statues, painted.

Aren't they sweet??

Inside, you can see from, thanks to our friendly volunteer, the size of the pulpit area of the church.

Yes, there are stained glass windows.  Roadside America notes:  "Even the stained glass windows are cut down to shrimpy church size."  Shrimpy, maybe, but, lovely nevertheless.

The back wall.

There is seating for 12 worshippers.

The church is 10 foot by 15 foot.

One of the smallest churches in America, worth the stop.



John B said...

Lovely Carol! Thanks for sharing!

Apple said...

Cutsie and beautiful at the same time.

Yvonne Stevens said...

Is It Still Being Used?

Carol said...

John B., thank you.

Apple, it is sorta cutsie, isn't it??

Yvonne, I believe they do have services there. The first link I have in the post leads to a short page, but, it does say:

"Local ministers still lead non-denominational worship there every third Sunday..."