Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chattanooga Horse Weathervane - - The Rest of The Story

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo loves weathervanes.  She has a LONG running series of photos on Wednesdays of weather vanes.  I have shared two with her recently, the second being the horse weathervane from Chattanooga Tennessee.  Here is a different view from what is on her blog.

And, here is the building it sits atop, but, from the ground level.  This is Coolidge Park on the north side of the Tennessee River.

A sign I found outside the entrance of that building, well, my my, a carousel.  Alrighty now!

Inside that building we find the 1894 Dentzel carousel.

From that web site we learn that "The antique carousel was restored by local master wood carver Bud Ellis and a devoted team of craftspeople and volunteers at his studio "Horsing Around" located near Chattanooga."

The carousel has 52 whimsical hand carved animals, a calliope band organ, and ornate between gold leaf benches.

A pig, a giraffe and a horse (behind the pig).

Man's favorite, was the frog, with another giraffe nearby.  If you look beyond the frog, you can just pick out the ostrich with a "Uncle Sam" hat.

And, that is the rest of the story, a weathervane in the shape of a horse, and tucked under that roof, a wonderful carousel.


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