Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday :: Jumps a Moving Train, Gets To The Chapel on Time

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From the March 17, 1897 issue of the Michigan Messenger published at Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan:

From FamilySearch, and waaahoooo, the bride's name and more:

Michigan, Marriages, 1868-1925
groom's name: Edward E. Hinds
groom's race:
groom's age: 31 years
groom's birth date: 1866
groom's birthplace: Michigan
bride's name: Mary A. Michaels
bride's race:
bride's age: 29 years
bride's birth date: 1868
bride's birthplace: Ohio
marriage type:
marriage date: 28 Feb 1897
marriage place: Clayton, Lenawee, Michigan
groom's father: Wm. Hinds
groom's mother: Jerusha Kamp
bride's father: Isaac Michaels
bride's mother: Rachael Mineer
groom's marital status:
groom's previous wife:
bride's marital status:
bride's previous husband:
film number: 2342507
frame number:
digital folder number: 4207941
image number: 499
reference number: v 3 p 64 rn 50

And, from the marriage record, it appears that they did indeed marry, note, only part of the record is shown here:

Next stop, find out what a bachelor tax is all about, here are two links, In Ye Olden Days: The Bachelor Tax and John McCurdy who wrote,  Citizen Bachelors: Manhood and the Creation of the United States.  So, I wonder, really a bachelor tax in 1897??  or is the staff of the newspaper taking a bit of liberty and poking some fun at our Edward??  What cha think??

*Source for the graphic long lost, my apologies to the artist and the web site.


irisheyes jennifer said...

Love, Love, Love this!

When I read your title in my blog roll I knew I just had to read this. Such an exciting start to his wedding day and all to avoid a bachelor tax? Nah, I prefer to think Edward did it all for love.


Barbara Poole said...

Isn't that an amusing article, and made extra special because you found the record. I see, there really was a tax, that's an interesting tidbit.

Joan said...

I love the way the news was reported back in those days!! Makes one want to spend more time trolling in the old newspaper archives. Lucky you.

Jana Last said...

Hmm, I wonder what he looked like when he showed up to the wedding after jumping from the train. Did he have to jump and then roll on the ground in his suit or was he able to gracefully step off the train if it was moving slowly enough. Great story!