Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun, err, Frustrating Finds Friday, Geo-caching Style

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Recently while in Saline Michigan for a wonderful lunch with Son # 1, his significant other and the grand twins, we decided to give them a demonstration of our newbie (that = inexperienced and still learning) geocaching skills.

The cache was marked medium difficulty, there was a nice history of the area in the directions, but, no specific hints.  It was TOUGH.  We looked, we re-read all the info given on the web site (several times, slowly, out loud for all to hear), we walked around some more with the GPS unit.

Just as we were about to give up (some of us needed to find a potty, seriously!) when Man just had to have one more go at it.  He followed that GPS once more and then, convinced he was onto something, he snooped around, kinda stood on his head, stretched, and ta da, there it was, a rock disguising the goods, err, the cache.

The cacher that placed this one went to a bunch of work, he/she drilled out a hole for the little micro cache holder in the rock (yes drilled a hole in the rock!).  He/she even placed a magnet at the bottom of the hole (one end of that little red cache holder is magnetized).  The hinge was actually screwed into the rock (really, I can only imagine).  The hinge flipped back over the hole.  Can we say creative?  Ya!

Note, that when the rock was found, the hinge was not facing up, eh??  All you could see was a   r*o*c*k.

Let me tell you, it is almost as hard taking out the little roll of paper inside that cache container, signing our user name and re-rolling it, as it was finding it.  Well, not quite, but almost!

Hopefully we can hone up those hunting skills a bit before school ends, we plan to have them out here for several visits over the summer vacation.   There are LOTS of caches out here for us to hunt up, hope the grand twins are up to it, haha, hope the grandparents are up to it!



Michelle Goodrum said...

Sounds like loads of fun (& frustration )!

Ginger Smith said...

I hope it was just a rock all by itself? Not in a pile of rocks persay? So now we are buddies in the finding of the micro/nanos and the unrolling and re-rolling of the "log" Yes, but it is such great fun, now, isn't it!