Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jacksonville Arboretum And Gardens, Jacksonville Florida

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While spending a bit of time in Jacksonville Florida we took a few hours to go on a nice walk at the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens with MOC friends Steve and Vicki.  It was a rather warm day, but, the heavy foliage, plus the fact that a rain storm visited the Gardens while we were there, kept it reasonably comfortable for walking.

Below, our walk started out through a palm "forest".  OK, not a forest, just a lot of palms planted together.

Man leads us over this little log bridge, can we say, "smarty pants" ??  Yes, I think we can.

A pretty view, lots of tanic colored water, and yes, reflections:

They had a "artist in the park" day going on, this gal was painting a view of the pond ladden with lillies.

And, the pond:

I have been posting other photos taken during this day trip over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna over the last several weeks.  If you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, you might want to consider visiting and taking a walk.

On our drive back to the campground we drove over this beautiful bridge.  I am discovering it is harder to take photos out of Jolly than it was to take photos out of Big Butt.  Another challenge in life to over come.


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Barbara Poole said...

Thanks for sharing my kind of place. Lovely.