Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reply, No Reply, Lori Has Great Instructions

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Fellow blogger Lori E. over at Family Trees May Contain Nuts has a great "how to" post today on how to fix the no reply irritation.  Well, it is an irritation to me, and obviously to Lori as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I have done a reply from the email notifications that come when you leave a nice or funny comment on one of my blogs.  I have blissfully typed away a nice little message to you my valued readers, only to discover days later (OK, who said I was overly observant, eh?) that you would never see that witty little response, because your email goes to someone whose email addy is "no reply".  I mean, who the heckie doo is "no reply" and can you imagine how much email that dude (or dudette) has sitting his his (or her) spam box??  Geeshhh.

Read all about it on Lori's post, she does a much better job at describing this than I am.



Joan said...

A big ole thanks to you and Lori!!

Nancy said...

But you know, you can always leave a comment on your own blog post in response to the original comment. Of course there's no way to know the person making the comment will come back and read it or checked the box to have additional comments sent to them.

This is one thing I wish Blogger would change: let us know when a commenter has clicked on follow-up comments. It would help us to know when to respond in the comments section.

Plus, I often think the comments between visitor and blog owner help add dimension to the post (unless it's just a simple "thank you").

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Carol and Lor, I had no idea I was a "no reply", but then I use Wordpress for my imagespast blog :-) Jo