Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Requests For Some in Need

Please join me in prayers for those previously mentioned here at Reflections:

Linda, from Flipside and her son, whose serious medical condition continues, we are praying now for him to stay infection free, out of the hospital and continued health.

Some of our MOC friends are fighting serious battles, Sailer's wife and others, facing the fight bravely.  Her surgery went fairly well, but having a bit of trouble in the recovery mode.

Now, please add the following to your prayers, it will be greatly appreciated:

An unborn Darden baby/cousin.  Gabriel, his mom and dad and extended family.  Gabriel is facing serious medical conditions, heart, tumors, most likely has something called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.  I do not understand the medical stuff much, but, I do understand that this unborn baby is in serious trouble and needs much prayer.

Dorene Paul of the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay  and her mother.  Dorene tells me "my mother is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. She had cancer in 2008, and did very well for two years.  Now the cancer is back, it is spreading, and the chemo is not helping."

Thank you all.

*Editing to add, please also include my aunt Doise, who had back surgery recently and has ended up back in the hospital with serious complications.  At the moment she is stable, but, in no way, is she out of the woods.

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lindalee said...

Thank you Carol. My son is doing so well right now that it is difficult to remember that only a few weeks back we didn't know if he would see August. Prayers do work.