Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Maple Shade Cemetery, Onsted, Lenawee County, Michigan

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Frank T. Baker
May 13, 1906
Oct. 3, 1982

Oceans of Love
on rocky shores

Stella M Baker
Apr. 9, 1907
Apr. 3, 2000

W. Lynn Halstead
1909 - 1984

C. Jeanette Halstead
1912  2008

Patrick Ryan Bergeron
Feb. 7, 1990 - Aug. 25, 2004

I like the individualism of each of these stones. 

The message on the Baker's stone makes me wonder about their lives, obviously filled with love, but also with trials.  The story inscribed with the water, a rainbow and couple walking along the shore tells the story.

The shape of the Halstead stone is interesting, and the inscription of a swan swimming in a pond with trees in the background is peaceful, don't you think?

The small toys on Patrick's stone are particularly touching.  I can see a young boy playing with them, or maybe they represent activities Patrick enjoyed.

I have created a memorial for each at Find A Grave.


hummer said...

Great idea about creating a memorial on FindaGrave. Good thought for these orphan stones of mine. Thanks!
I love the first one. Wish I had the finances to do that for the hero's still looking for right one and affordability.

Shane said...

Carol, this has been such a painful part of my life, as well as my family's. I am honestly touched that I found a mention of my brother that brings positive light into his memorial. I thank you so much for picturing his memorial in your blog! Honestly, I still have most of our old toys, and yes I still do remember the time we wondered how we could ever live without them! Oh sure, if we both lived long enough to enlist together we'd have found more adventure, but it's still rewarding to remember my little brother and our time together before our lives were torn apart.

I'm sorry to ramble, but your post was touching! Thanks!


Shane said...


I'm not sure if my first attempt at posting worked, but I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my little brother's memorial.

I just want to know that this is not an orphan stone, but yes, we did play with these toys (and honestly not that long ago!). I'm glad to see someone making a positive mention of my brother's memorial, sadly that wasn't the case seven years ago. You do far more justice for him than my local papers ever did.

Thanks again, I'll be sure to put something new out there this year, I still have most of our old stuff in my garage!


Carol said...

You are welcome Shane, I hope it will bring you some peace and healing.