Friday, August 20, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Beach Bound

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This weeks challenge at Sharing a Slice of Life, is Beach Bound, "your choice of writing about swimming, boating, fishing, beach combing, sunbathing, etc. If it's got to do with water and hot summer rays, it's game."

However, when I heard the challenge, my first thought was, WOW, that covers a lot of territory for us camping types, I am sure I can dig up a bucket load of sand, errr, photos covering this topic. Then, I thought about the photo of Man and I on the Rifle River, a LONG LONG time ago, canoeing. But, much of the back story of that particular photo is not something I am sure I want on my blog, snicker, as it would contain a few words of angst, along with stories of bruises, some cheap wine, long bus trips, and cold cold river water.

However, when I pulled the memory strings, where was it that I had my most wonderful beach days. Surely, the Outer Banks of North Carolina would rank high, gosh, I still love it out there. I may have a photo or two of me as a little tyke on the beach, but the ones I can lay my hands on in a hurry don’t show the beach, just this little tow head in her short outfits, one with a little purse, the other with this funky hat.

Then, I remembered Port Crescent State Park near Port Austin, Huron County, Michigan. The campground lies on the shore of Lake Huron, one of the five Great Lakes. Oh, yea, now that was some beach, and we spent several weeks there, at least one parked as close to the beach as the campsites would allow. It was wonderful, listening to the lapping of the water against the shore, fantastic sand, long walks along the beach. Days spent in swim suits, drinking Gevalia coffee in the AM while reading and listening to some wonderful classical music.  Lazy wonderful beach days.

Here is what the rig looked like, the photographer was standing on the beach, well, actually he was standing IN Lake Michigan, looking up the hill.

And, here is what it looks like thanks to Google Maps. That loop/circle is the campground, we were along that portion that lies closest to the beach.

Man and I have not been back in well over 20 years, hmmmmmm, maybe next summer, we could/should be beach bound for Port Crescent.

Hey Man, I got an idea for you - - - what cha think??


lindalee said...

Now really Carol....I want the photos of the canoe We spent many glorious summer vacations at the Outer Banks back in the day....called B.C.....before college. I would LOVE to go back....hey Ted....I have an idea for ya!!!!

Texasblu said...

I think that's one of the side benefits of writing stories - you remember some good stuff and want to do it again. =) My in-laws are like ya'll - they go camping, drifting down the Brazos river and several times a year. It's their "thing". ;)

hummer said...

I love the wandering of the mind as you are preparing. I never knew you were in the south. I have been surprised at the beaches of the great lakes. When I was growing up in Oklahoma, never thought about how big they were. You and searches on the Hero's family have really opened my eyes.