Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dorothy Agnes Butts Followup - - NOT What I Expected

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Earlier today I posted about Dorohy Agnes Butts, it is her birthday.  I noted that even tho I had a photo of her headstone, I had no death date.

So, I decided early today to go find a phone number for the cemetery and call them.  And, I started going there - - and yes,  I got sidetracked - - and now I have 289 pages of old handwriting to plow through.

Somehow, I got onto the McHenry County Illinois county home page and found this little jewel.  Seems that Journal 1 with the earliest records came home to McHenry recently.  According to the web page, "In 2010, the original leather-bound first volume of the McHenry County Commissioners’ Court Minutes resurfaced ..."

So, they have scanned the entire thing, which you can open, and I saved to my hard drive, two large wonderful files.

Seeing that Man's 3rd great grandfather was known to be in McHenry County by 1843, I cannot wait to delve in.

289 pages written in  old handwriting, oh, ya.

And,  I still have not found that phone number - - - - Sorry Dorothy, you are gonna have to wait a bit longer - - - - but thank you so much for the lead!

*Graphic courtesy of McHenry County web site.


Barbara said...

Well you had me from the beginning, thought you discovered information about Dorothy. But, now you took a detour, what a great find! Good luck and kudos to the County for doing the scanning of the Journal. Have fun.

Melissa Brown said...

THank you for sharing this jewel. My patrnal great, great great, and third great grandparents lived in McHenry County (surnames Brown and Kizer). Can't wait to search the website and download the file! :)
best wishes from Naperville, IL,

Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Great find!!!!

Terri said...

Woowzer, that's a delightful find! Lucky you!!