Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frazzeled and Frazee

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Above, most, but not ALL of the greeting cards
still left to sort and organize.  All told the pile is
8 inches tall.
Well, been working on Man's mother's collections for 14 days now, pretty much 10 to 12 hours a day, sorting, organizing, shredding, and starting again.  Man and I did escape a couple of days for a few hours to go buy more storage supplies and buy groceries and snagged lunch out.  AHHHHHH! Thursday we also escaped for the evening by visiting the twins and their parents, they fed us, we supplied desert, the weather was still warm, but we were able to sit outside all evening, delightful.  I am now at the brain numb point, all these decisions.  Whew! 

Toss in  few hours for some serious shrub trimming, ick, in the heat, because it HAS to be done.  We have hired a painter to spiff up the outside of the place, deck, the poles and door of the pole barn, the 2 back entrance doors to the house, and the front of the house, which includes entrance door, decorative trim at top of 2 peaks and the poles and spindles on the front porch.  Seems the spindles have a lot of rot, so, now, that entire area must be replaced, you know the routine, you start with simple paint and next, you are redoing the front and the rear porches/decks.  Oh well, a bit of time, wood, paint, and $$ will have it all fixed up.

So, that covers some of my frazzeled.  How 'bout Frazee??

Today, may be the birthday for Glenn Frazee.  August 21, 1903, maybe.  Glenn married on May 24, 1922 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Letty Lorraine Lashbrook(e).  He claimed on the marriage record to be 23 years of age, and that his birth place is "Jonesborough, Ind."

You can see that he names his father as L. B. Frazee and his mother as Martha Linde.  Glenn divorced Letty on March 25, 1925 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Letty did not contest the divorce and Glenn, as plaintiff, was "prohibited from remarrying for two years from this date".

If  you search for Glenn at the popular genie sites you will no doubt run across some family trees, that tie a Glenn Frazee with parents Ludlow and Martha  (Linde) Frazee to a birth date in 1903 and a second wife, Helen Gertrude Burnett , who Glenn married on 25 March 1925.  Wow, that is the same day of the divorce from Letty! 

Even better, when I got around to chasing down a marriage for Glenn and Helen, I found it in Starke County, Indiana.  The marriage took place on 23 March 1936, Glenn names his parents as Roy Frazee, deceased and his mother is named as Ethel Stanford.

Glenn Frazee frazels me.  I did locate Glenn with Ludlow and Martha on the 1910 U.S. Census of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  I need to revisit the 1920 and 1930 census reports and my notes, frazeled again.  LOL

Yes, Saturday is frazzeled and Frazee.  I could solve both situations if I could find out what happened to Glenn, son of Ludlow and Martha.  I guess he could have married Helen twice, once in 1925 and again in 1936 oh, yea, frazzeled.

* May 2016:  A follow up post is here, with some corrections and some new info and some more frustration.


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