Friday, August 27, 2010

Researching - - I Only Need ONE Hit - -

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I am sorta a greedy sort when it comes to my research, but as I get older, and frankly, have done a LOT of research, and have a lot of really great stuff already, I find that I am a little less greedy, and will settle for one really good hit per research trip.  IF, however, I happen to get more, I will greedily take it all!  LOL

This trip started out slow, partially because I did not have a to do list, 'cept for the running list on Rootsmagic.  I was brain numb and exhausted, and to be honest this trip was as much about relaxing, getting away from the house and some real R & R for Man and I, as it was about researching.

I plugged along all week, finding a few things, some which I will hope will lead to some great research days as soon as I get somewhere that has the films I need, ohhhh, to be able to hit Richmond Virginia for about 2 weeks!  Ya, some great leads there.

Yesterday I worked all day for one of my cousins, filling in some nice details, but, not breaking any walls down.  She will be getting a nice CD in a few weeks with goodies for her to absorb.

Today, is my last day here in Fort Wayne, and the library is only open till 6, but, I have to leave about 4:30, a short day.  So, I decided to go back to that old to do list of mine, and work on my Virginia lines.  I found several deaths and at least 3 marriages, I'm happy. 

Then, I decide to look ONE more time for my great grandmother's first marriage - - first of FIVE marriages!!  I have looked before, in several counties.  I have looked several times in those counties.  But, I looked again, because I have done this before, look and look and not find what I want, and look ONE more time and there it is, looking me right in the eyes.  Goodness, it was there all along.

So, I spent some time reviewing the microfilm again for several counties.  Nadda.  Something told me to go to FamilySearch and have a look, so, I did, went to Virginia marriages, typed in her name and dang - - up pops a hit, and oh, my!!  It is her and that first hubby.  Oh, it is the only hit with that name and it is the one I want! 

I ran for the microfilm, not believing, but, lo and behold, courtesy of FamilySearch and my trusty Sony camera, here is part of the page, with her marriage on it!  WAHOOOO

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So, finally after a bunch of years, and a lot of do overs, I finally have her first marriage. 

Now, wonder if I can find his death before I leave here today??  Well, if not, I have my ONE hit for this trip.  I can deal with one hit like this, makes the entire week a total success!  WAHHOOOO

Carol is doing that happy dance thing, dancing in Fort Wayne, thanks to FamilySearch.

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Barbara said...

Happy dance here too to celebrate with you. What great news. Boy that FamilySearch is worth their weight in gold. I've never taken a photo of a computer screen, is that what you did? I'm glad you didn't spend time on McHenry County. As you say, Clap, Clap.

Carol said...

Photo is from film reader Barbara. Yea, I have been finding some wonderful tidbits at FamilySearch.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Yaowwweee! I'm happy dancing for you out west!

Linda McCauley said...

Congrats! The photo is great - I haven't tried photographing a microfilm screen yet but wondered how well it worked. Any special tricks?

TennLady said...


Joan said...

And you are looking mighty good doing that Happy Dance. Dance on!

Dorene from Ohio said...

That is wonderful!!!

And what a delightful location for you Happy Dance!

Karen said...

GREAT News! Congrats!

hummer said...

Congratulations. I so identify with the down to the last minute...I end up saying prayers...Just one bit of info "Please" I love these new data bases that are coming out. Hugs!