Thursday, May 12, 2016

Step Forward, Step Sideways, One Clue At A Time

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Back in August of 2010, I wrote about being frazzled.  And, Glenn L. Frazee.  Now and then, I revisit those ancestors that I am researching.  Especially those that I feel the story has loose ends and may be unfinished.  As new data bases and information comes forth, I look again, reviewing, searching, turning over small stones.

In 2010, I wrote:

"Even better, when I got around to chasing down a marriage for Glenn and Helen, I found it in Starke County, Indiana.  The marriage took place on 23 March 1936, Glenn names his parents as Roy Frazee, deceased and his mother is named as Ethel Stanford."

And, here is why review is important.  Looking at the marriage for Starke County in 1936, I realized the record is for a Helen Bennett, not Burnett.  OOOOPS.  Big ooops.  Thanks to Find A Grave, I also discovered this Helen and her Glenn (born 1914) were buried in the City of Mesa Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.

And, thanks to Find A Grave, I found the Glenn LeRoy Frazee, born 1903, and married to Helen Burnett as well, buried in the Washington Park East Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  And, yes, there is a photo of the headstonel.

I have never found any index that has led me to a marriage record for Glenn LeRoy and Helen Burnett.  Yes, I am still looking.  Of course.  I note with a wry sense of humor, that the person that manages Glenn's memorial did not note a marriage record to Helen.  But, the prior marriage to Letty Lashbrooke is noted.  Obviously the manager of his memorial did a bit of research and did not find, or did not record, a marriage to Helen.

In my rash of clicking and surfing around looking for anything Frazee, I did find the web site of the Genealogical Society of Marion County.  And, I found several Frazee members had entries in the cemetery section of their web site.  Helen Burnett Frazee was listed, as was Glenn's mother, Martha.  I was happy to find a place that showed the connection between them all.  I have so few. The connections are there, and each tidbit of that information would benefit from more.  Just more, of anything, any hint, just more!

I have a few more ideas of snooping I would like to do, but, they are not online.  And, I suspect that Glenn and Helen's marriage may be a "secret" one.  It's just a feeling. A feeling that is gnawing at me.

And, in my snooping this last week, I have a question about the marriage of Glenn's parents, Ludlow Burt (or Bert) Frazee and his second wife, Martha Luide Frazee.  I have Martha's maiden name recorded as Linde. But, I cannot find a marriage on any index no matter which spelling.  YET.

And, since I am reviewing and wondering - - who is Martha anyway - - and where did she come from?

I am not sure if I made a sideways or forward step this last week.  I just know I was stepping all over the internet. And, I did discover a few new things to ponder.

One clue at a time.  

* Original source of the question mark image has been lost over time.  Our apologies to the creator.


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