Saturday, July 3, 2010

Patience, Family Search, & Photo Editing Bring to You

Back on June 13th, I reported finding via in the Michigan marriages data base a marriage for Arthur Stevens and a Dorothy Davis in 1917. I believed it was another marriage for Man's grandfather, a marriage I did not know about till the great volunteers at FamilySearch indexed those records.  Only thing was, on June 13th, the images were MIA.  I was most disappointed, but, decided patience was gonna be the game of the day/week or month.

Patience paid off, I revisited the site the other afternoon and retrieved the desired record.  My specific goal was to determine, was the record that of a license only, or was there information indicating a real marriage, like witnesses or clergy. See for yourself, noting I have edited out all other names on the page(s), thanks to the magic of digital images and software.  This is a 2 page record, for my use I have put the first page at the top, the second page at the bottom, and yes, parts of the names near the center are cut off, in what appears to be a tightly bound book.  (Remember, click on the image for a better view, click on your back button to return here to Reflections.)

I will keep revisiting FamilySearch, as there were 2 entries, this marriage was indexed two times, and one of index records included full names, despite that center binding thing going on in this image.  Maybe the names can be read from the other image??  Time and more patience hopefully will tell.
Answer to my question, yes, there are witnesses and a clergyman.  There was a wedding! Marriage did not last long, as Arthur N. Stevens married Man's grandmother in May of 1918.  I have not found a death record for this Dorothy.  I have not found her on census, yet.  I have not found either of her reported parents on census, yet.

Arthur, Arthur, what additional surprises to you have in store for me??  I know you have more searches in store.  Patience Carol!

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hummer said...

Awesome information, You lucky duck. I am indexing some Oklahoma counties. They didn't bother with parents. People finding these will be grateful for primary proofs, but disappointed that there isn't more.

lindalee said...

Nothing like a good family mystery.

Karen said...

I love it when an ancestor gives us a surprise... keeps us on our toes! I guess it's why we never stop looking for more, even when we already have a lot of info.