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When the Obituaries Are Slightly Better Back Home, Number 2

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Here is an obituary for Mrs. Moses Lashbrook, aka, Chestina, (Tina) (Chestina) Lush Lashbrook from Kansas City, Missouri, where she lived and died:

Tina's death was found reported in the Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, in the October 20, 1896 issue of that paper, see copy in Multimedia file:
     "Mrs. Tina Lashbrook Dead
      Mrs. Tina Lashbrook, 52 years old, of 2309 Main street, died last night of consumption.  She leaves two sons, who work at the stone crusher, Twenty-third and Main streets."

Tina's death was found reported in the Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, in the Thursday, October 22, 1896 issue of that paper.  Note, the film quality and print quality was so poor, that compiler did not make a copy, but rather transcribed the article, as it is short:
     "Lashbrook, Tina, 2309 Main Street; October 19; 52 years; gastritis with inanition."

Recently I located this obituary back in McHenry County, Illinois:

From the November 20th , 1896 of the Harvard Herald, Harvard, McHenry County, Illinois:
     Died at the Family Home in Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 19, 1886
     It is with profound sorrow that the many friends of Moses Lashbrook, one of the oldest settlers of Dunham, learn of the death of his wife, Cristina Lashbrook which occurred in Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 19, 1896.
     Mrs. Lashbrook was about 56 years of age, a daughter of the late Daniel and Eliza Lush, and spent her childhood and early womanhood in Dunham, consequently will be remembered by many residents of Harvard and vicinity, having left the city about eighteen years ago.
     Deceased was a lady of excellent disposition, a true wife and loving mother, which, with her kind nature, won for her the love and esteem of all who knew her. She leaves a loving husband and a family of eleven children, besides an only brother, Isaac Lush, who resides east of this city, to mourn her taking away. All her children were with her to the last, excepting Mrs. Edgar Lashbrook, who now resides at Coeur'd Alene City, Idaho, and Mrs. Carrie Yeager, of Chicago, who have the consolation of knowing that loving hearts and hands did all that could be done in their absence to alleviate the sufferings of the dear and affectionate mother.
     Dearest mother, thou hast left us,
     And thy love we deeply feel,
     But, tis God that has bereft us.
     He can all our sorrows heal.

I really love the home town obituary.  Seriously, it pays to attempt to locate an obituary from the "home town" of your ancestors.  As in this case, the home town version may contain considerable amounts of extra data not found in the death place obituary.  It was well worth the time spent looking and processing.

Now if I could just locate photos of Chestina and Moses.

And for the record, my data base shows her to have been 54 years of age at the time of death.  But, her birth year is estimated.  Let the searching continue - - -  


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