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Crash, Boom, Bah - - Car in the House

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From The Daily Chronicle, Centralia, Lewis County, Washington   23 Nov  1964  page 1:

"Car Crashes Into Home

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook of Centralia had unexpected visitors Sunday morning when a car driven by Mrs. Dorene Gehrke crashed through their dining room wall following a collision.

Centralia police said Mrs. Gehrke's car collided with one driven by Mrs. Johanna Ochs, also of Centralia, causing Mrs. Gehrke to lose control of her auto.  The car vaulted a curb at Silver and Plum Streets, smashed a large shrub and then struck the corner of the Lashbrook home.

Damages to the Gehrke vehicle, a 1960 model sedan, were estimated by police at $1,000.  Mrs. Ochs 1960 model station wagon received an estimated $500 damage, police said.

Mrs. Gehrke was treated for minor injuries at Centralia General hospital.

Damaged to the Lashbrook property at 424 South Silver St., have not been estimated, according to Mrs. Lashbrook."

Well, now, that's just inconvenient, isn't it??

The interesting twist to this is that this is Man's family.  Lashbrook is his paternal line.  And, Gehrke is his maternal line.

Only the Gehrke mentioned here is unknown to me.  And, our Gehrke clan, for the most part were found in Hawaii and Michigan. Yes, there are always a few strays, so I went off on a quick hurry up research tangent trying to discover who this Mrs. Dorene Gehrke was. I did not find anything that I can latch onto.  Nothing in the normal genie research sites.  I did find a Dorene who is an artist, with charming paintings.  She appears to write books too, in her native language, German. (Of course!!!)  It was a fun little research project.

Since I was more interested in the Lashbrook connection, I noted there was an address. So, off to Google Maps I went.  This is the house they say is at 424 S. Silver St., Centralia, Washington.  I note a bit of a resemblance to the graphic above.  Bizarre, eh??

Some days the findings are just weird!!

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** OHHH, and Warren T. Lashbrook died in Lewis County Washington on Jan 8, 1963.  Close to two years before this accident and the article indicates he is alive?  Well, dang!


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