Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chancery Cases, Name those Names, Niblett's All

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Seriously, I just LOVE documents that name children, wife/widow and such of a man.

The Commonwealth of Virginia
To the Sheriff of the County of Isle of Wight - - Greeting:

We command you to summon Exum L. Eley, Shff of Isle of Wight & as such administrator of Graves Niblett decd., and Virginia C. Niblett, widow of said Graves Niblett decd, William E. Niblett, Walter G. Niblett, Solomon Niblett and Robert Niblett (the last four being infant heirs of said Graves Niblett, decd.)

This is part of a document that was found in the Chancery files at the Library of Virginia, Isle of Wight County.  The relationships don't get much clearer than stated here.

And interesting twist to this is that Exum L. Eley is the half brother of Virginia C. Niblett, nee Eley.


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