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When the Obituaries Are Slightly Better Back Home

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During the review, revamp, link, consolidate and improve projects that are ongoing with my genie data base, sometimes, OK, a lot of times, I get a lead on a new resource and disappear down some soft but, deep, rabbit hole, researching, adding to the work, but, also, on lucky days, adding to the "stories".

Here is what I had for an obituary for Grace Lashbrook Cooper Beck.  I found this obituary at a library in Boone County Illinois where Grace died.

Grace's obituary as printed in the September 16, 1902 issue of the "Daily Republican", reads as follows:
     Passed Away of Complication of Diseases at Midnight
     Mrs. Grace Beck, wife of John Beck, a well known old German citizen, died at midnight last night of a complication of diseases. She had been sick about a week at their home near the Big Thunder Mills.  She was 78 years old.
     The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
     Mr. Beck is also quite sick and has been confined to his bed for some time."

Recently I located this obituary, which was published in McHenry County Illinois.  She moved to McHenry with her parents in the early 1840's.  She is enumerated in Boone County, however, from 1850 until  her death.  We would think that her obituary in Boone County would contain more detail, but, in this case, I feel it did not.  Here is what I found published in McHenry County Illinois:

Published  on September 25, 1902 in the Harvard Herald, Harvard, McHenry County, Illinois:  
     "Former Dunham Resident Dead.
     Mrs. John Beck died on the 15th inst. at her home in Belvidere.  Decedent was an early resident of Dunham, her father, the late Richard Lashbrook, coming to that town in pioneer days.  Mrs. Beck was 78 years of age and was well know at Belvidere and universally respected.   Her husband, by whom she is survived, in near death's door and no hope is held out for his recovery.  The funeral of Mrs. Beck was held on the 17th inst. and was attended by Edward and Jacob Dickson of Dunham, her nephews."

We learn from this obituary that her father was Richard Lashbrook, and that her nephews, Edward and Jacob Dickson, attended her funeral.  Edward is actually Edwin, but, his given name is confused frequently in the records I have seen.  It certainly is nice to see they attended her funeral, and for the researcher in me, it just gives me one more source that states the relationship.  I do like more sources.

I currently maintain her memorial over at Find A Grave, it is here.  Her grave and that of her second husband, John Beck remain unmarked.  John died before the end of the month, and of course, he has an extremely long and detailed obituary.  The grave of her first husband, David Cooper, at the same cemetery, is marked.  David remains a stone wall in my research.


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