Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It Does Take a Village - - Thanks to Cheryl - - I am Down a Deep Rabbit Hole - - So Much Fun

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I have said it often, if it were not for my many friends and volunteers in libraries and archives across this nation (and beyond) to continue to assist me, to help deepen my research efforts, I would not be where I am today in my efforts to record my heritage (and Man's).

This morning a Lashbrook cousin (well, Man's cousin), asked me if I had been to a specific web site with tons of links.  MMMM, I had not.

Within minutes I am finding stuff. Good stuff.  Oh, I am in so much trouble, err, such a deep rabbit hole.

Here is one of the first finds.

From the Harvard Independent, published at Harvard, McHenry County, Illinois,  Wednesday , November 22th , 1876:

In Butler Township, Butler Co., Iowa, Nov 6th, 1876, Dexter Phineas Lashbrook, son of Aaron and Amanda Lashbrook, aged 2 years, 4 months and 8 days.”

I had Dexter P. Lashbrook, I had his birth info.  Since about 1991 I have had his name and birth. NOW, I have his middle name, death date and place.  Here is the disclaimer.  Iowa death records began, sorta, in about 1880.  We all know that at the beginning of the reporting requirements that it is a hit or miss proposition.  I did some serious Butler County research a few years back.  I believe I investigated everything Butler and Lashbrook. That said, things are missed and overlooked or recorded in a "strange" place and never found. It  happens.  That's why we look again and again and never give up hope.  I will record his death date as Nov. 6, 1876 until such time as I may find a better or more accurate source. For now, this is the best.  It's all I have ever found.  It's not perfect, but, dang, its TONS more than I have ever had.  It's happy dancing time!

Thank you Cheryl.  I'll be in touch, but, it may be weeks!   LOL

*  The web site for those that may be interested is The Ancestor Hunt

So, why is it that I have not been to this web site??  Cause.  LOL  I spend a lot of time mining Virginia vitals from the A dot com site.  And.  Cause.  Life.


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