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Heading North, The Ancestors, The Brick Wall:: Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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I know, my blogging subjects have been jumping all around, this, that, here, there.  Ya just never know if it is current or 3 years old stuff.  I don't know what to tell ya.  Cept, grin, laugh and try to have fun!

We have left the Tampa area and are hop, skipping up the east coast.  Mid April we will be in Rockingham County Virginia for genie fun and a spot of business.  Until then, we drive, we stop, we dodge storms, and do it again.

I find so far, the route has taken us close to ancestral grounds and a couple of cemeteries I have visited before.  But, when in the area, I like to visit the cemeteries again.  Pay my respects.

First stop heading north was near Brunswick Georgia which was just a shy 20 miles from Darien where my great grandparents, Joseph E. Bowen and his bride, Minnie Maude Remley Bowen reportedly are buried in the St. Andrews Cemetery.  I believe in my heart they are, but, there are no headstones, the church records were a bit vague.  They are shown as interred here in the work by Jeannette Austin, "30,638 Burials in Georgia".  I have asked her about this, her reading was from years ago, she stated she would not have recorded the burials without some evidence of same at the time she did the recording.  Sadly, the evidence has since disappeared. The thing is, Minnie's sister, Susan is buried there. Susan Remley Blanton and Marion Blanton, her husband and her daughter, also Marion.  It is my feeling that Joseph E. and Minnie Maud are buried there in the same plot. We know from the church that there is one grave site outlined in stone coping, but otherwise unmarked.

I have written many times here on Reflections about this clan.  You can search the blog from the search box available in the top left corner.

When we arrived at the cemetery the biting flies were active, storm troopers, dive bombing.  I snapped off a few photos and ran for Jolly.  Love the wisteria off to the side.

Our next stop heading north ended up being Walterboro, Colleton County, South Carolina.

Minnie Maud Remley Bowen was born in Walterboro.  In previous research here, I paid a visit to the Sandy Dam United Methodist Church and Cemetery.  I found Remleys buried there and Grants.  Minnie Maud Remley Bowen's mother was Mariah "Maria" Malvirna Grant.  Mariah's parents were Jefferson Grant and his wife Rachel (and other spellings, of course) Hargraves, or Hargroves or ??

The Remley and the Grant clan are what I call my true brick walls. Records in the courthouse prior to 1865 just do not exist.  Yes, that little issue of the War Between the States.  And, yes, the courthouse was burned.  And, believe me, there is NOTHING like walking into the courthouse and seeing the earliest records dated 1865, embellished in gold numbers on the outside of the record books. And, yes, it literally took my breath away.

Anyway - - It has been some years since I reviewed and researched the Grants and the Remley clans here in Colleton.  What with new record sets showing up on line, I might give it another shot.  I would not be surprised to find little, perhaps, nothing more.

As you can see the azaleas are stunning this week.

The Grant and Remley plots I found are buried along the "left" side of the church (if you are facing the church).

The markers are old, worn, small and some are quite hard to read.  I feel they are kin, someday, I hope to figure it all out.


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