Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yes, Tana, You Can Drive Lynchburg and Still Have an Intact Roof

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As some of you know, Man has a very sore back.  We did have a schedule to keep this time, rare, but, we did.  He cannot lift his right foot to brake, etc.  So, that left yours truly doing the driving.  And, the electrical, plumbing, water, satellite plus all the normal inside packemup.  It’s not a problem, till it comes to strength issues.  I remember years ago with the Ford van and the Layton travel trailer I had to use a leveling board to wack open the sewer connections.  SIGH So, long story short, we managed, but those front landing legs are an issue.  I cannot pull the pin AND lift them at the same time.  So, Man pulled the pin and I lifted.  We got er done.

Day 1 of the run to the Shenandoah Valley was about 215 miles and fairly routine.  Not a lot of excitement.  I like that.

Day 2, however, was not quite as peaceful.  It should be noted, that Man is usually driving, I am usually the navigator.  Man does not use the apps, and, ok, I am gonna say it, his navigating skills are lacking experience.  You can make of that what you wish.  (Wink, wink)

It started out with a fuel stop.  Man does not want to put bio-diesel in Jolly the mean bad towing machine.  Dodge says no more than 5%.  Many truck stops run 20%.  It is an ongoing issue.  We deal the best we can.  So, I am driving towards Greenville North Carolina and he is trying to find fuel with all the apps.  The first exit resulted in a U-turn in a Family Dollar.  Nice parking lot, HUGE and two entry paths.  In, out, easy as can be. Go down the road. Second exit was a small station, with a direct pull in entry to the pump.  He pumped.  I got out and looked at the situation and did not like the straight pull out situation, mentioned same.  He found that I could back the rig up about 25 feet and then, note, straight back.  Then go directly cross the street into another and much larger parking lot for a U-turn.  Only when we got over there, there was no U-turn as the route was blocked by a fire department training trailer.  Now, my back up skills are seriously lacking, when it involves turns.  I stink at backing up and turning. Seriously, stink. I can do straight back, as I had proved cross the street.  We tried a back up.  Failed.  I then note that the paved drive seems to go around toward another road.  I get out and walk it. Yep, I can drive around on pavement and out another entrance.  Works.  All I can say, is I am really glad that the busses were not arriving for school pick up, cause I drove the wrong way in the busses only drive.  But, I got er out and we are off.

While Man was fueling, I took it upon myself to set the GPS to take us to Lynchburg. Then, promptly forgot I did so. HUGE tactical error. HUGE. Remember, Man is less experienced than I with following the apps and where we are. Intersections tend to sneak up on him and I found the new brakes work exceptionally wonderfully.  (Wink, wink). Anywhoooo, we missed the by pass stuff around Lynchburg and I blindly followed the GPS.

And, yep, next thing I knew, when I realized my HUGE tactical error, I was in downtown Lynchburg.  I mean, DOWNTOWN.  One way streets, the whole shebang.  My blood pressure was rising and my temper too.  And, then, I knew I messed up big time.  HUGE. Did I say, I really messed up??  Yep.

Now, if you look at this map.  I was supposed to be on 29, heading east, then, northeast, in this image, down towards the bottom, etc.  Instead I was on the 29 (business?) in the middle of the image.  I ended up off of that, and somewhere around the word, "Lynchburg".  I know we went over towards Madison Heights and then, somehow, onward to 29 and northeast towards Charlottesvile.

Man quickly redid the route, to Charlottesville, I kept heading Jolly and Tana in what my internal GPS said was the correct direction until he did the input and got us a route.  And, I did not encounter any low bridges, or anything. Tana, Jolly, Man, Sir Winston and I made it all the way though Lynchburg with nary a boo boo, cept my nerves were rather wacked.

Onward - - lunch - - very small Pilot truck stop found - - parking is parallel, thought I was in a moving lane of traffic - - nope - - oh, well, we are parked - - by default.  After lunch we had to drive through the scales to get out of this place.  Back on the hard road - - wagons ho - - 

Man looks at the maps and decides to go all the way to Charlottesville is a bit out of our way, so, he decides he would like to take a more scenic and direct route.  Now, remember, my nerves are already a bit shaky.  (Wink, wink.)

So, off we go on our “tour”.  I will say, that the redbuds up by Afton were stunning.  I will say, that this gearing thing on Jolly works out quite well, I think I have mastered it enough to get by, or get up and down the hills.  (Wink, wink.)  I probably slowed down the local traffic on the 2 lane roads, but, well, I’m sorry.  SIGHH.  

Now, his next “turn” decision did not turn out so well. It did result in another U-turn.  He said, let’s try 6, yes, there are a few semi-hair pin turns, but, it will be gorgeous, he said.

Till I turned and see the big ole sign - - NO TRACTOR TRAILERS!


Now, we need to turn around and get off of 6.  About 1/4 of a mile down the road, I find a larger drive and we discover it is the drive to a storage lot, full of RV’s and such.  Wooohooo, they can get them in, we can get Jolly and Tana in and out, there is room to turn around somehow.  SOOO, in we go.  Man gets out and walks the storage area, discovers a way around, and off we go.  Some tight turns, but, out of there, back on 6, and back on the original route.  

Sometimes you really should believe the GPS. Sometimes not.

The rest of the drive was basically routine.  We got to the valley, found a new campground, much easier to get into the one we used to use, also much cheaper.  It is close to the I-81 and yes, we can hear the traffic rolling.  But, all in all, we are pleased with this new campground, and they have red buds blooming.

And, let me tell you, after setting up the electrical, plumbing, cable (WAHHOOO) and most of the inside, I poured an adult beverage, watched DWTS and crashed and burned.  I discovered this morning, I never hooked up the computer.  Yep, I was that tired.

And, today, we enjoy the Shenandoah Valley.  We are here for a while, at least a week, more likely 2 - - or - - 

And, Tana still has a roof, intact and no booboos.  It’s all in the day of the life of a RVer.



Jan Mains said...

Way to go Carol, Doesn't it give you a good feeling after you've parked? I know the white knuckles in some situations, but I think you could have had more than one adult beverage.

Carol said...

Thanks Jan. Ya, well, I had two after the easy day and one after the rough day. Felt right. LOL