Thursday, April 7, 2016

When Jolly is Too Big, Rent a Little Car, Key West Florida:: Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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A place like Key West can be a difficult drive and parking experience with Jolly, the wide butt big and bad towing machine. So for day 2, we rented this car, errr, golf cart, or whatever they call them.  No trouble parking this baby IF you can find a spot.

We first drove right over for a tour of the Hemingway House.  During the next hours we saw houses, drove by the cemetery, where we could not locate a parking spot (probably a good thing, I might still be grave hopping, ya know?).  We took in the Harry Truman Little White House tour.  We took the little car back to the rental office, plugged it in for a recharge, drove back to the campground for Sir Winston duties.  When we went back to town, Sir Winston went with us and had his first cart ride.  We worried if the noise might upset him, or the wind in his face, but he did quite well.  We parked, we walked, we stopped at Sloppy Joe's for a drink and a bite to eat.  Sunset was taken in at Mallory Square and then we drove around town for a couple more hours.  

It was a great way to see Key West.  I'll bring you several posts with the pictures of the day.  You know the saying, stay tuned.


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