Saturday, April 23, 2016

She Loved Cats - - - The Poignant Cards

Copyright 2016, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

For close to two weeks, Man and I have been assisting in the opening, cleaning, sorting, listing,  of a family home up here in Rockingham County Virginia.

It's quite overwhelming cleaning out a family home. Poignant. Memories. Stories. Things not realized before, now learned. A little love affair. 

Cards filled with the same "sorry we could not visit". "Hope to come soon". "So and so is ill. " Moaning about the cold snow and sleet. Who is sick, married. Babies conceived and born. The threads of our lives.

Reducing a long interesting life to a few photos, letters and cards. 

Many cards trashed. The relationships and friendships at the bottom of a trash bag. Bitter sweet.

Tis a difficult chore, closing down a family home.

Cards with tons of cats on the greeting cards, she loved cats, and everyone knew it.  This collection from just a handful of the two boxes of greeting cards we found in the house.



Joan said...

Don't know if FB post came thru -- but as I said, I missed the early April posts, so had to go back and read, and read, and read. A good read. Poignant read.

Carol said...

Thank you Joan.