Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chipping at Brick Walls, Sideways, Or, You Just Never Know What Piece of History You Will Turn Over

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Man and I stopped in Walterboro, South Carolina for 3 nights, we have been here well over a week.  Has to do with a little issue of a very sore back for the dude.  While he has been attempting to rest and heal, I spent some time fussing with my "true" brick wall, that ends here in the Colleton County area.

Jefferson Grant and his bride, Rachel nee, Hargraves or Hargroves, or Graves, or Groves?? are some of the bricks in this wall.  The others are the family of one William H. Remley and his bride, Mariah (daughter of Jefferson and Rachel).

I reviewed my files, and decided what I could do about this tidbit of information:

1860 US Census, St. Barthelomews Parish, Colleton District, South Carolina, Jefferson is enumerated:
     Jefferson Grant, age 52, Overseer, value of personal property is $4,000., born South Carolina; Rachel J., age 50, born South Carolina; Thomas G., age 15, born South Carolina.  The family is enumerated on the same page as Joel Larisey and John Nettles and Fred Fraser.  Joel Larisey is listed as a Planter, with real estate valued at $12,700, which further research will show that he owned the Fish Pond Plantation.

I decided to research, Joel Larisey, because, why not, maybe I could find some collateral info on the Grants and the Remleys.

Well, I found some goodies over at Fold3.  I am going to need a lot more time to transcribe and absorb the information, but, I think you can see from this one page, that I have stumbled into some interesting history. So far, I have not really found any more on Jefferson Grant, but, whewie, this gave me a moment's pause:

"Specification -- In this, that he, the said, Joel Lariscy (Civilian) in company with others to wit: - John E. Lariscy, Oswalk Lariscy, Joel B. Lariscy, David Applebee, Peter Appbleby, William P. Appleby, Jefferson Rutts, Henry Z. Mack, Laurence Grisste + Marion Grissett, did, consipire to resist military authority, and did resist the same, by firing on an armed force, being soldiers of the United States, in the execution of their duty. - - the said Joel Lariscy, (Civilian) occupying a house situated on the Plantation know as Appleby's, about six miles from Georges Station, South Carolina, from whence the resistence was made.

This at the Plantation known as Appleby's, in Colleton District, South Carolina, on or about the 27th day of July, 1865."

This is not even all of this page.  So far, the Grants and Remleys are still MIA.  I'll just keep on reviewing, looking at all the facts I have accumulated with new data bases and online information and fresh eyes.  I have not worked my "true" brick wall in years. Never hurts to look again.


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