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Treasure Chest Thursday: The New Home, 1973

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It's surprising what has survived - -

This letter was written in January of 1973 just weeks after we had moved into our first home, a brand new almost 1000 square foot ranch. The Red House, I showed it to you here. A description of the rooms and furnishings filled up most of this letter.

And, some of of the furnishings have also survived.

"Kitchen - Coppertone stove + frig; avocado can opener, Meals in minutes, tablecloth; white blender; silver 4 slice toaster; white with avocado and gold design curtains.

Bath - white tile, Formica + floor; white curtain + shower curtain; avocado scales + hamper.

Den  - gold curtains; red (major color), blue, white + gold Moroccan rug; (desk + shelves later)

My Room -  dark royal blue pile-less corduroy bedspread and pleated drapes to match with pale blue sheers underneath; blue, red, gold + white Moroccan tapestry rug the same as den; tapestry pillows for bed, one red, one blue (blue-kittens in basket, red - lions head gold);  blue background tapestries for pictures on wall.  Makes for plush, rich looking bedroom, nice!

(written off to the side - I made bedspread + drapes (not the sheers tho)."

** I believe this is that rug, with a very young son # 2

"Front room - - Gold curtains and sheers (I like a little privacy and even if I plant shrubs this spring there's no way I'll have coverage for a few years, stuff grows slower here - remember)
Rocker with gold pads.

**Here is the same hutch, years and years later, in our current home.

Steamer Trunk"

**  As with the hutch, the steamer trunk is still with us, this photo obviously taken around Christmas.  Actually the Buffet is also still with us, but, I don't seem to have a photo of it.

"Chair - tan with browns, golds and rust.
Couch - dark brown, gold + rust, gold throw pillows - corduroy
Brass lamps and knick knacks."

** The lamps are actually a form of a samovar, possibly Russian in design.  With a little image research on Google, I found this photo of a similar samovar at Flicker.  You can learn more about samovar at this Wikipedia page I found.  We purchased them in Morocco and Man "electrified" them.  And, yes, they are still in our home.

Much changes, I cannot imagine a copper-tone stove these days.  Much stays the same. The color scheme of the master bedroom is still blues, the carpet is dark navy blue.

By the way, it is OK to laugh at the descriptions, I know they have brought me a few giggles over the last few days.


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