Monday, December 21, 2015

Dreaded Christmas Letter, 2015 Version

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Happy Holidays from southern Florida.

Here is the dreaded Christmas letter from the Stevens' clan, the 2015 version, and I believe it is going to be very short.  Ya for you, my readers!

15 was a year of mixed blessings, sorrow and stress.  That's the short story.  

Man and I both had a few health issues that we have addressed and at this point, we are doing much better.

We lost our beloved Captain Hook, aka Cappy, in June.

We adopted the sweetest yorkie, Winston in November.  He has turned out to be such a blessing.  He reminds us at moments of our Abigail, Chantilly, Gallagher and Captain Hook. All but CH were from the same dear friend and breeder, and the glimpses of puppies past are delightful, what a wonderful surprise for Man and I.  Sir Winston, WWW, has decided he is a daddie's boy.  All good.

We have been able to continue our travels in Tana, The Heritage RV.  Tana got a bit of a do-over this summer and fall.  I pulled some items from the house that belonged to my grandparents and great-grandparents. We took out her kitchen table and installed a 33 inch kitchen base cabinet with the old kitchen table top as the counter top.  The storage is fab.  This change is really working out well for us.  Man had Tana's suspension and brakes upgraded in early November.  Man is delighted with his upgrades to Tana.  Jolly, the monster tow machine has had new feet (tires) and currently is displaying a 4-wheel drive error message.  Always something to repair and maintain.

We continue to watch in awe as our boys and the grandtwins conquer the world and grow. Nothing like family.

We have prayed and grieved over those who are suffering medical situations.  We lost a few friends, we miss them.

From our rig to you, where ever you may be:

Happy Holidays!

* Photo taken at the James Island County Park Holiday Light Show, near Charleston South Carolina.


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